Who Are California's English Learners?


English Language Learners (ELL)

Korematsu English Learner Program

ELL Specialist: 
Tarri Swanson



Davis English Learner Program

Supporting students that have been identified as English Learners as per 

State CELDT Assessments






Program Description:

ELD (English Learner Development)

Pull out (Newcomers, Levels 1-2, 30min, 4x a week, or per teacher recommendation)

Push In (Levels 1-2, 30min, 4x a week, or per teacher recommendation)

Teacher Consultation (Levels 3-5)

Integrated into Core-Curriculum (Levels 3-5)



*program description and support is based on yearly budget assumptions and resources 



Swanson, Tarri
ELL Specialist


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