Field Trips

Field Trips are an important part of a school experience. They extend the learning beyond the 'four walls' of our school. However, field trips can only be made possible with community support and participation. Parent/Guardian drivers are an integral part of our field trips and are only possible with community support. If you are interested in driving for a field trip, please use the following forms. 

Independent Study Program (Travel Study)



  • Travel study requests will not be processed before September 8, 2015.
  • The Travel Study needs to be requested at least one week in advance in order to give teachers time to prepare assignments for the request to be processed. 
  • A student needs to be absent from school for a minimum of 5 school days per education code to qualify for short term Independent Study Program (ISP).
  • At the elementary level, the parent and/or student would coordinate their ISP with their elementary school.
  • Travel Study is only approved for a leave between 5-10 school days per occurrence, with a maximum of 15 days total per school year.
  • BEWARE: If the travel period is longer than 10 school days, it may trigger a truancy letter since these additional days are not state approved absences. As long as the student does not incur additional unexcused absences over the course of the school year, the letter will not be followed by further action. 
  • Teachers will prepare a maximum of 10 days of Travel Study assignments, 
  •  A student must be present at school for at least five days before Travel Study can be done.
  • All students must return from Travel Study two weeks before the last day of school to allow teacher's grading time before school ends. 
  • It is the parent/student responsibility to make copies of the travel study work and give them to the school office on the first day back from travel. 

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