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Site-Specific Comprehensive Safety Plans

Maintaining a safe environment is critical to success and is everyone's responsibility.  This means school and district staff work towards ensuring that grounds and buildings are safe.  We believe that our students have a right to learn in a safe environment.  In 2014-2015 DJUSD underwent a thorough process to update and align all site-specific comprehensive safety plans.  California law requires each school to maintain a comprehensive safety plan to ensure a coordinated approach to school safety and each year schools are asked to revise and approve the plan. Parent/guardians can review a copy of the  safety plan located at each school office. 


Emergency Drills

One of the most crucial parts of our safety planning is emergency drills.  Every fall and spring each school site hosts a Safety Week where students and staff engage in crisis-like scenarios which may include fire drills, mock evacuations and/or lockdown drills.  Staff is trained, students are informed and the school community can remain calm as we set the right tone for what to do in the event of a real emergency.  To the right you will see an attachment of our School Emergencies Parent Guide which provides information to parents regarding what students and staff will be doing during a drill, and the role of the parent in a crisis.


This year, again, all DJUSD sites will hold an Emergency Communication Drill.  If you are a parent/guardian or an emergency contact for a student, you will receive a drill message via email, phone and/or text alerting you to the fact that your student is safe, but participating in an emergency drill at school.  The message will remind you that we are testing our Emergency Communication System and it is incumbent on you to keep emergency contact information up to date with your school site.  We hope that receiving a communication drill message will make you feel more connected to our safety preparation.  Please talk to your school site and share your feedback.


Law Enforcement Collaboration

DJUSD has clear and coordinated safety protocols.  DJUSD collaboration with law enforcement and emergency responders occurs through our Davis Police Department Liaison officer (also called our SRO or School Resource Officer) and our District Safety Coordinator.  These individuals are dedicated to our campus security, also play a key role in acting as helpful resources to students.  They are present on campus and are approachable and integrated into the fabric of our schools.


Facility Safety

DJUSD maintenance and operations crews prioritize school safety.  It is an ongoing job to ensure that necessary installation, repair and replacement of fire alarms and bells, door locks and window coverings occur when and where the needs arise.  Our crews are diligent about meeting those critical needs.


Other Preventative Efforts

While much has been done, we know there is always more to do.  We continue to confront difficulty nursing shortages.  As such, we have increased our staffing to 4.0 positions for our 8600+ students.  We have boosted our elementary counseling and mental health resources and will continue to closely monitor needs.  This year, DJUSD is expanding training for staff on restorative practices and how to work with students in the event of a traumatic event.  All of these efforts have been done to ensure that our schools are safe places for students to learn.




Emergency Brochures



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