Prevention & Crisis Information

Crisis Information


The Davis Joint Unified School District believes that the mental health and well-being of our students contributes greatly to their academic success.  There are two staff members, Natalie Zehnder and Jen McNeil, who work as Prevention & Crisis Managers.  

Prevention & Crisis services impacts all school sites and students through staff development, general guidance curriculum, and policies related to mental health.  Intensive intervention through direct student/family contact and staff consultation is also available for high risk situations and behavior such as suicidal ideation, self-injury, child abuse and neglect, and substance abuse.

Prevention & Crisis Managers are also trained Parent Project facilitators and in partnership with the Davis Police Department, they offer this ten week intensive parenting course for strong-willed teens.  Courses are usually taught two times per school year.

DJUSD is also proud to offer "Teen Intervene," a 3-4 session brief individual counseling program for adolescents with mild to moderate substance abuse problems.  Teen Intervene is a research, evidence based drug and alcohol counseling program that integrates stages of change, motivational interviewing, and Cognitive-Behavioral therapy.  At least one school based mental health professional is trained at every secondary site.  Contact Ms. McNeil if you are interested in learning more about Teen Intervene or Parent Project.

The topics and resources listed here are focused on local services, when available, and articles designed to offer support and guidance for parents, caregivers and educators.


Check out our Wellness Resources for 24/7 counseling, suicide prevention and crisis intervention services.